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[11 Mar 2010|01:05pm]
should have left for work three minutes ago. It's so cold I don't want to get out of bed.

I'm tired! This has so become the place for me to complain and not feel guilty cause I don't think there are too many people that still read this. But if there are, hey people, and i'm sorry all I write about are negative things. I just don't feel like going to work today. I need a vacation!
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[26 Oct 2009|09:57am]
my sleep schedule is off, I'm tired and I want to sleep in more, but ryan is right, we have too much to do to waist half the day in bed. My joints are achey, especially the ones in my feet, they seem to crack and crumble around.

I'm starting to wonder if this path towards management was a good idea, or if it isn't worth the hassle. I think I'd be good at it, cause i'm good at my jobs in general, but I need more of a break. I need a two day weekend. I need to make some artwork and work on my songs and contact diamond dave! So I can be on the radio. And play another gig at Haus. And actually find other people to sing with! I think I'm going to post an add on the craigslist.

Today I feel like being comfy and cleaning and getting my paycheck and doing some painitng work and writing a new song.

In other news laura's wedding was wonderful, my first time being a bride's maid, and i caught the bouquet! Yellow is so my favorite color, espcially for nailpolish. Working the mill valley film festival was a hoot, along with being a big stressful mess, I still would come back next year. I'm totally a star struck mess when i meet people I admire (i.e. Henry Selik and Brad Bird). One thing that was bad is I went off my diet pretty badly, but I've been keeping off what I lost, just not losing much more. I'll be down to 30lbs pretty soon though, putting my total loss since I was heaviest to 65lbs.
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[25 Oct 2009|09:15am]
I went to my first friend wedding yesterday (other then patrick's, but he's more ryan's friend, so i'm not counting it). I was a brides maid and I caught the bouquet! It was a magical day.

but right now I'm so fucking tired and I have to be at work in 30 minutes...
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[19 Sep 2009|08:33am]
tired tired me. I've been working at therapy again, five days a week, eight hour days, doesn't give me much time to accomplish anything else.
I'm sure after a while I'll get used to it and will have an easier time with my schedule, but right now everything is rushed or last minute. I've only gone to the gym twice since I started working, which is unacceptable.

I had a dream last night about a tornado. it chased me all over this little town, and ripped the buildings right off the ground when I hid in their basements. Then when I got to a bigger city, it followed me inside a restaurant, where is grabbed mine and another girls ankles and sucked out our life force and became a woman. Somehow I survived and the other girl didn't, and there was a conscious tornado sitting in front of us.
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[30 Jul 2009|05:49pm]
well la didn't work out exactly like ryan and I hoped. We're moving back to San Francisco!
I had a good experience here, and i'm glad to be moving back, but right now everything feels really strange.

So many transitions in such a small period of time. My brain is having a hard time processing it all.
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[14 Jun 2009|11:58am]
On June 3rd a dear old friend of mine was murdered. We just found out about it yesterday, and the whole thing is very strange to process.

Jim Arthur, or as I nick named him, Jimmy jim jim jim jim jim (jimmy jim jim for short) seemed to be on a downward spiral since I met him. He lost a lot of friends due to drug use, but this was no way for him to go. My heart is going out to his family, who also lost their father the year I met him. I hope to go to the funeral, although I don't know when it will be yet, since this is so fresh.


I hope he's in a better place, where ever that may be.
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[20 May 2009|09:50am]
I've been in a crafty mood lately.

I'm almost done with the 29 stich wide scarf I started at the end of last week, which is pretty exciting, cause it went by a lot faster then I thought it would. Of course, days like yesterday where I pretty much knitted morning to night really helped.

But since I've had sewing on the brain I've discovered a bunch of neat sites to help me along. Craftster.org, threadbanger.com, and knittinghelp.com have all been great, and I can't seem to tear myself away.

So today I'm going to take a trip to michael's to pick up some basic fundamental supplies.

So far on the list I need:

- needles (for hand sewing, and at least one with a big enough eye to fit yarn through so I can make patterns)
- Thread (multiple colors
- Stuffing (for the stuffed animals I've been dreaming about lately
- multiple colored felt (for same as above)
and lastly
- an array of buttons (which I might have better luck finding at a flea market or thrift store)

other then that work has been fun, my house is clean, and i'm feeling real good about
life :)

edit: michael's was awesome. everything i needed and then some for 20 bucks
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[23 Apr 2009|10:40am]
Living in La has been very interesting.

a long update on things going on down hereCollapse )
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I shouldn't be doing this [19 Mar 2009|02:52pm]
packing is hard. I get distracted really easily.
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an update. [17 Mar 2009|12:39pm]
last night I was in an alternate dimension, where everything was a little bit better but at the same time was a little bit worse. It's really how my whole life is right now. I'm moving to la this week. My mom and I packed everything upstairs. I cleaned out the fridge and the cabinets and all sorts of things that haven't been cleaned in years. Now today I have to tackle the downstairs on my own.

Laura moved out pretty much officially last night, and i'll miss her :(

I still have to finish my mom's painting, look for work, say goodbye to friends (who are all out of town for spring break...) and be all ready to go by sunday or monday.

Oh also this week is the final episode of battle star galatica, which will be awesome, but I'm kinda sad such a good series is ending. Still kudos that they're finishing the narrative and not just drawing it out for years and years like some shows...

um, shit what else?

I might be in a tv show. That would be crazy, but I won't find out till april, since they're still in pre-production, and I interviewed the first day of casting.

Looking for work has been really difficult. I was approached to do some spec work for this tour company, but their prices were really really low, and they tired to do the thing where they get a bunch of artists to create work, and then only use the one they like, which is bullshit. I just can't hold my breath for illustration work anymore, and get a steady job so I can pay rent and phone bills and all that awesome grown up stuff.
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[09 Feb 2009|11:25am]
my dream last night was pretty creepy.

I rode a motorcycle which made me super nervous since i don't think I'll ever be able to ride a two wheeled vehicle again (after I crashed a scooter), I babysat some kids, and while I was doing it a creepy solicitor tried to break into the house, and I had to beat him out, and then my sister and one of the kids stupidly went outside while he was still there with a dog and I had to scream at them from the top floor to get back in the house and not to let the creepy dude in (who, by the way, was dressed in totally 80s-ed out gear). Then other things happened. I was in a grocery store. my motorcycle was covered in white fur. My mother wore this crazy outfit with this feathered mask and crazy looking platform shoes that I wish were real, and I kept seeing these little trains made out of toys and stuff that moved on their own and were driven by these decrepid baby dolls with no eyes, but whenever I'd see the train they'd turn and look at me. I went to see a movie in the dream with ryan and josh and all my other friends, it was a movie about the fantastic four and spiderman and iron man, but none of them were actually in it. While I was there there we watched the movie on a computer, cause the sound of the actual theater sucked (and it was a very small theather, no bigger then my bedroom, so the screen picture wasn't very good).

um um. Oh yeah. Then I found out that the theater was right next to a children's grave yard and thats why I kept seeing the ghost trains, so once the movie was over all the child ghosts came out of the seats, and one asked to dance with me. so I did. And I wasn't as scared anymore.

There was some other sort of plot about a purse being stolen, a rich man becoming an evil supervillian, mirrors breaking, and keith being in a play, but those details are fuzzy, and would take too long to explain.

Now in real life, I'm going to get dressed and grab some coffee with my friends.
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[23 Jan 2009|12:01pm]
So I started up a new blog on blogger for my art stuff. I figure there I'd talk less about silly me things and more about my job endeavors


theres not much there now, but hopefully when I head back up to san francisco I'll be able to post more work... and make more new work.

i've been in a bit of a funk lately. It's like life keeps calling me and I just won't pick up the phone. Metaphor or simile? I'll be back in san francisco come sunday, so hopefully I can figure some shit out up there.
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Victory! [04 Dec 2008|01:02pm]
Sometimes being nice and friendly to people really pays off. I learned that today first hand. There was this thing weighing me down the last two years that I've kinda been ignoring, but today, because I was kind to a stranger, it was taken care of free of consequence. My brain feels a little lighter, and its a good feeling.
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[11 Nov 2008|10:22am]
stressful week has finally come to an end.

From Monday the 3rd to Monday the 10th: my toilet flooded my appartment, the election happened, I had essays to write and animation to do and hard drives were stolen. Good restruants were eaten at, family peace and anxiety were exchanged, I saw Mozart's Requiem, discovered Pomplamoose (my new music obsession), got in fights, got over fights, felt better about stuff, felt worse about stuff. My room got cleaned, new bed, new state of mind. I got to act again, I got to draw what I wanted to draw for once. I also had to draw stuff I wasn't interested in at all.

It was one hell of a week.

oh and on a side note, my bed is now faux fur leopard print. wonderful.
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[27 Oct 2008|01:39pm]
I love halloween :)

I don't love flies all over my house :(

I do love philosophy (who would have guessed it?) :D

more stuff you can readCollapse )
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[13 Oct 2008|01:02pm]
I'm going into that ever so fun "midterm/finals break down mode". where all i want to do is bang bang bang bang and chaching take your money.


show is over. School will be soon. I'm starting to realize at this point I only have to care enough to pass, and should really be focusing my efforts on personal work that will get me jobs. Can you get spring fever in the middle of fall?
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[02 Oct 2008|03:46pm]
complainingCollapse )
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[30 Jul 2008|12:34am]
psstCollapse )
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[28 Jul 2008|02:43pm]
a dream from last nightCollapse )
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[24 Jul 2008|10:14am]
shopping goals.Collapse )
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